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Bio Shea Butter | Natürliche Body Lotion
Bio Shea Butter | Natürliche Body Lotion
Bio Shea Butter | Natürliche Body Lotion
Bio Shea Butter | Natürliche Body Lotion
Bio Shea Butter | Natürliche Body Lotion
Hinweise zur Erkennung von schädlichen Inhaltsstoffen, Erläuterung zu Inhaltsstoffkürzeln, vermeidlichen Duftstoffen und Farbstoffen
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Bio Shea Butter | Natürliche Body Lotion


✓ Pure Bio Shea Butter aus Burkina Faso

✓ Body-Butter für extrem trockene Haut | Brüchiges Haar | Spröde Lippen

✓ Komedogen-Wert: 0 | Perfekt für DIY-Rezepte

✓ Zwei Varianten: Roh oder raffiniert
Rohe Shea Butter: Die schonende Kaltpressung bewahrt alle natürlichen Vitamine & Nährstoffe. Ihr charakteristischer Geruch ist erdig, die beige Färbung unterstreicht die Naturbelassenheit dieses Produkts.

Raffinierte Shea Butter: Nach der Kaltpressung wird diese Variante raffiniert, wobei ihre Geruchsneutralität und die weißliche Farbe zustande kommen. 
Wildblumen in Glasvasen

Our promise to you

We attach great importance to first-class quality, are meticulous when selecting our raw materials and suppliers and place high demands on our production processes. In order to do you justice, we only use materials that you can safely apply to your skin. This also means that we do not use parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or chemical fragrances. Our products are vegan, are made in Germany and not tested on animals.

What does it actually mean?

Happiness guarantee

Be happy with your purchase and the effect of this product or contact our customer service to arrange an exchange or a refund.

Lichtwellen treffen auf eine Violettglasflasche

High quality glass packaging

We use the latest violet glass technology to extend both effectiveness and durability while at the same time avoiding aggressive chemicals for preservation. Scientific tests have shown that the integrity of raw materials stored in violet glass compared to brown and white glass is preserved over a longer period of time. This is due to the light-filtering property of the violet glass, which prevents the early deterioration of nutrients and vitamins. And without any preservatives.

Organic & sustainable

Our products are organic certified natural cosmetics from sustainable agriculture. We don't compromise on quality!

No chemistry

We only use harmless raw materials; no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, microplastics, genetic engineering or synthetic fragrances & dyes.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

You will find the PETA bunny on each of our products. Why? You are guaranteed vegan & not tested on defenseless animals.

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