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Satin Naturel is the bridge between naturalness and effectiveness

With organic ingredients, combined with effective recipes, in elegant violet glass bottles, we naturally create effective beauty products that are tailored to your needs. So that you can get a better picture of us, we have compiled the values that are particularly important to us and of which we are convinced that they make a positive contribution to your beauty routine.

Icon einer aufgefächerten Pflanze

Organic aloe vera instead of water

It is particularly important to us that our products are effective. That is why we replace the ingredient aqua (better known as conventional water with no effect) in our recipes with organic aloe vera. Aloe Vera adds a care component to the products that soothes your skin and provides it with moisture. Making cosmetics more effective for you as an end user is an absolute novelty in the cosmetics industry.

Eine Hand trägt einen Pflanzensteckling

Organic quality instead of pesticides

It is no longer uncommon for us to come into contact with raw materials contaminated with pesticides. Often, little or no research has been carried out into the effects of this on the human organism. That is why we use organic quality raw materials, if possible, so as not to expose your body to this danger unnecessarily.

Zeichnung eines durchgestrichenen Reagenzglases

No harmful ingredients

The same applies to the use of harmful chemicals. Our recipes are designed to be gentle on you, your body and our environment. In our products you will therefore No way Find parabens, mineral oils, silicones, microplastics or any other unnecessary ingredient. Promised!

You may be wondering how we make our products durable ... the answer: violet glass.

Violettglas, das Sonnenlicht reflektiert

Light filtering violet glass

Violet glass is the latest technology for storing cosmetics and food. The special thing about it is that violet glass deflects the sun's radiation in the visible range and thus contributes to the extended shelf life and effectiveness of your products. That is why we can offer you our organic oils without any preservatives, for example.

Icon einer Hand, die einen kleinen Hasen und ein Herz trägt

Vegan and cruelty-free

Another aspect that is important to us is that animals are not harmed in our favor.

We categorically reject animal experiments because they are cruel and ethically unjustifiable. This clearly also includes not using raw materials of animal origin. This means that all products in our cosmetic line are completely vegan.

Zeichnung einer Frau, die sich die Schulter eincremt

Dermatologically tested

In order to ensure that our products are still skin-friendly, we commission an independent, dermatological institute to test new products on volunteer (human) subjects. We only offer products with perfect results for purchase. Since every skin is different, we recommend that you carry out a patch test before use.

Icon eines Kopfhörers, der sich um ein Herz legt

Customers = family

We find that average customer service is not good enough for you. You are a valuable part of us, quasi the reason that we exist, and contact with you gives us the opportunity to show you how much we value you. Contact us with your questions, problems or your feedback. We always have an open ear for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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Scientific effectiveness

Going natural with cosmetics is a good idea. But if care products don't show results, why do we use them? No idea? - We neither.

In our recipes, we rely on naturally effective ingredients, the effectiveness of which we derive from the latest scientific studies.

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Made in germany

Finally, the production in Germany enables us to be constantly on site to guarantee a high production standard and to carry out continuous quality controls. So you can always trust that our products only contain what is written on them.

We receive our pure oils from trustworthy suppliers from the respective growing areas. Of course, we carry out laboratory analyzes for quality assurance before we release the oils for sale.